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PRE ISO 9000/14000/18000 ASSISTANCEs

More than 50 % benefits of ISO certifications are achieved during preparatory stage itself. Our team can assist you in the initial stage of preparation which is a long and time taking exercise and can take even more than a year before actual audits and certification activity starts. In fact the preparation period is more important for the establishment as all modifications, training and retraining and attitudinal change process is started and matured.

Rests is only the paper work and continue the things which have been taken shape as above.

This exercise will systemize your working, streamline procedures, make your plant environment friendly and start compliance various statuary laws and factory acts. In the process various leakages wastages shall be plugged and the problem of effluent disposal will be addressed.

Out team will make your company to the level of ISO compliant at a very reasonable cost which will ultimately be paid back in the form of reduced losses due to leakages and wastage , change in working environment and pleasant and nice workplace leading to workers happiness, reduced litigations and fines due to fulfilling of various statutory compliances.

Pls. do not opt this if the top management is interested in only in getting the ISO certificate without going for improvement process and improving their factory or they are non committal.